Ferry & Leisure Ticket Booking Software by Perfidious Albert Ltd

Let's Sell Tickets

Uncle Albert is your first choice booking solution if you want software that is user friendly, very quick, extremely reliable, and scalable. This is the new generation in ticket software for scheduled journeys or tour operators.

Our software facilitates more ticket sales, less time and money spent on administration, improved cashflow, efficient cancellations and refunds, increased customer satisfaction, and it reduces your ticketing costs (by up to 66%).

Uncle Albert competes and beats Fareharbor on price (they say they are free, but they charge 6% + credit card fees - read the small print). We are also small enough to really care about our customers and your customers on an individual level.


Uncle Albert has been designed from day one to facilitate almost every conceivable combination of tickets, fares, discounts, concessions, departure and arrival points, seats, currencies, and freight/vehicle options. If it doesn't cover your unique requirements we can add to it.

  • Unlimited Fares & Concessions
  • Unlimited Terminals
  • Numerous Trip Options
  • Secure Payments
  • Mobile First Design
  • Business Inteligence Tools
  • API for 3rd Party Integration
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Our software is backed by an API (a selection of tools that allows other developers or software to interact with your software) so you can integrate with third party ticket sellers for extra sales channels, tourism agencies, accounting packages, and much more.

Intuitive Interface

Uncle Albert works as well on a mobile phone as it does on a big office monitor. This means that staff can check tickets on-board, work from home, or simply check a few boxes on their to-do list over a coffee.

Mobile first means just that - we designed every screen to work on a touchscreen mobile, and then afterwards we made sure it also worked just as well on a large monitor.

Make It Obvious

Ticketing is complex, but we really believe in intuitive software. We develop in the expectation that even staff who are not technical will be able to use Uncle Albert with little or no guidance and no formal training.

Keep It Simple

We don’t use industry “insider” terms; we don’t hide options behind layers of menus; and we don’t use a paragraph of text when an icon will convey the same message.

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

Everything on the screen is colour coded. The language is simple and suitable for non-native speakers. In so far as possible, all mistakes are reversible.

Scale & Secure

Uncle Albert’s systems are built on Microsoft Azure and are developed with the latest industry standard security and reliability features. We can handle everything from 400 passengers a week to millions of transactions per day. We integrate securely with payment providers and our system is designed to avoid holding any customer data unless it is absolutely nessesary (and even then we don't store financial details, passwords, date of birth, or any sensitive information).

Take a Ticket

Uncle Albert is a small team of experienced senior sofware developers and business people who have a background in operating commercial ferry and tourist boat services. We all live along the eastern seaboard in Ireland, from just north of Belfast to just south of Dublin.